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An incident during a routine expedition transforms the underwater mining facility into a deathtrap. You find yourself surrounded by fire, water, bare wires, and crewmembers, off their heads and ready to take a chunk out of you.


Will you be able to escape the Station?

Give it a try!


your own escape route from a variety of alternate paths.


challenging puzzles using whatever items you happen to stumble upon.


technical documents and crewmembers’ diaries and correspondence to reveal the real causes behind the incident.


the equipment on the Station, including cranes, bathyscaphs, loading robots, and security systems.


who you want to trust (and get useful information) and who you’d better avoid (and stay alive).


the soul-chilling terror of Arctic depths.

«This is certainly looking like a top quality release and I for one can’t wait to experience the horror that the developers hope to provide»

Indie Retro News

«Check these guys out. Their new Flash back inspired game looks awesome»

The Gamiest Gamer, @RETR0JOE

«Cool-looking game»

The Carlz0r, Carlz0r

«This is awesome, very good animations, nice sound effects, music and good history»

Falme Streamless, @Falme73h

«The game looks great!»

Eric Hunter,

«Both the background music and sound effects are really well done»

Randy Hook, game developer

«Looks amazing!»

Paul Hack, Indie Game Hunt

«Sounds a bit like an underwater Dead Space from a storyline perspective. Exciting!»

Edible Entertainment

«Awesome game. I Love the choice of genre. There isn’t many games like Flashback nowadays»



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